What should i bring on an airboat tour?

we get this question all the time and the answer is simple!

During an airboat tour there are just a few things to keep in mind – please make sure your hat and sunglasses (if you’re wearing them) are securely attached to you. The suction from the propeller can take them right off if not secured (we recommend turning your hat backward). 

Airboats are made to cross MANY different types of terrains, including dry land, you MUST remain seated the entire time the boat is in motion, especially when approaching any dry ground, the boats are made for this, our captains are professionals, and will keep you safe at all times. You are on a 6 passenger airboat, NOT an air barge, we can access many more places than your 15-18 passenger air barge rides, don’t sell yourself short, get the full experience with us.

So sit back, relax and take in all the sights and sounds that the beautiful St. Johns River has to offer! The serene environment will relax you as you take in all that nature here has to offer, and at the same time having the thrill of riding winding trails, shallow waters, and swamplands on the airboat that will keep you wanting to see more and more.

Wildlife viewing opportunities

Explore the beauty of the St. John’s River with us on our airboat tour! Perfect for families and small groups. You can see alligators, turtles, fish, birds, and much more on this eco-tour of the beautiful St. Johns River, which goes at a child-friendly pace so you can take in all the sights and sounds of Florida’s natural wildlife. Bring your camera, sunglasses and sunscreen!