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What To Bring

What to expect, What to bring, and Rules of the ride.

Bring a camera 📷 to take lots of pictures and make lots of memories.
Hats 🤠 and sunglasses 😎 are permitted, however, we ask that you make sure they are securely attached to you, the suction from the propeller can take your hat and glasses right off if not secured (we recommend turning your hat backwards). We also suggest bringing a light coat/jacket/windbreaker, even in the summer months the wind generated by the airboat propeller sometimes makes it a little chilly, you don’t have to wear them, you may just may want to bring one. You do not need to bring sunscreen with you, however, be sure to apply before the ride if you easily sunburn.
Airboats are made to cross MANY different types of terrains, including dry land, you MUST remain seated the entire time the boat is in motion especially when approaching any dry ground, the boats are made for this, our captains are professionals, and will keep you safe at all times.

Keep in mind you are on a 6 passenger airboat, NOT an air barge, we can access many more places than your 15-18 passenger air barge rides, don’t sell yourself short, get the full experience.