Florida offers plenty of birding opportunities. This article provides a list of birds, images, and sounds of birds that live at ponds, lakes, estuaries, swamps, and other wetlands in the State of Florida.

Florida has the largest acreage of wetlands among the lower 48 states. This means that the state has a lot of habitat for birds that favor ponds, lakes, and other wetlands. Visitors to the state and residents often ask about the birds they see sitting by ponds or lakes.

Florida’s wetlands constitute the breeding and wintering grounds for many resident and migratory birds. The State of Florida is one of the most diverse states in the USA. where up to 196 species are considered breeders and over 500 have been recorded in the state at least once.

A few bird species to keep an eye out for are ducks, turkeys, herons, cranes, snipe, hawks/eagles, stilts, rails, kingfishers, kites, anhingas, coots, egrets, quail, ibis and many more.