The US Coast Guard regulates us to operate with a maximum of six passengers. 

We don’t require a minimum number of people to book a tour/ride. We do need to have at least 3 adult ticket purchases to run the ride. (this minimum does not apply to private tours)

Techincally you don’t need to bring anything but yourself. We do recommend that you bring something to drink and of course a camera. Other items to consider would be a light jacket/windbreaker. Hats 🤠 and sunglasses 😎 are permitted, however, we ask that you make sure they are securely attached to you, the suction from the propeller can take your hat and glasses right off if not secure. (we recommend turning your hat backwards).

A 20% gratuity is customary for great service. If you enjoyed the ride, tip your guide 😃.

Airboats are made to cross MANY different types of terrains, including dry land, you MUST remain seated the entire time the boat is in motion especially when approaching any dry ground, the boats are made for this, our captains are professionals, and will keep you safe at all times.
Keep in mind you are on a 6 passenger airboat, NOT an air barge, we can access many more places than your 15-18 passenger air barge rides, don’t sell yourself short, get the full experience.

If at anytime you have a problem – hold one hand in the air with a “thumbs down” 👎 and the captain will slow down and address the situation.
Do not remove provided hearing protection until the engine is shut off.

Summertime weather in Florida is notorious for afternoon thunderstorms, which sometimes pop up out of nowhere. If we happen to have an approaching storm during a ride in which we cannot avoid, there are storm shelters conveniently located along the whole trek of our ride, to get into. If a storm is approaching before your ride, we may have to delay or reschedule your ride. If you can’t reschedule your ride you will get a full refund. 

Yes we do. Our hearing protection features built-in communication that allows the captain to point out hard-to-see wildlife along the banks or in the trees, maximizing your viewing opportunities.

If you have to cancel, our cancellation policy is 5 days for a full refund. If we have to cancel your trip due to weather or unforeseen circumstances you will receive a full refund.