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Our mission is to show our customers a part of Central Florida they would never see
on any other boat except a Florida airboat.   We do not operate those large barge fifteen
or twenty passenger airboats. Our boats are real airboats eighteen feet long with 500 H.P engines.
 Our boats are capable of operating over dry land and we can access areas that others can’t.
We only carry a maximum of six passengers.  We like our tours to be more personal and private for you and your family.

Many customers that have ridden with us for years return often with more family and friends.
We operate on the St. Johns River and the marshes that surround the river.
The St. Johns River flows north and is about 310 miles long.
We offer you much more than a ride around a lake.

My Captains and I are Florida Natives and have owned and operated boats on
these waterways for more than thirty years.
My company and I have worked with different Florida
government agencies to help protect the St. Johns River.
We have a love and respect for the river and all of Florida’s wildlife. We do not put large alligators in small concrete pens to live a miserable life.
Once fed, caged or handled alligators can only be destroyed and can never again be released back in the wild.  We do not believe in wiring or clamping baby alligator’s mouths shut to pass them around for photographs. There is nothing that can compare to the thrill of seeing all of Florida’s wildlife in the wild and in their natural habitat.

We are dedicated to the safe responsible operation of airboats in order to preserve and protect Florida wetlands and wildlife.  We hope you agree and will book your tour with us.

           Thank you,  Captain Bruce Fryer


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For reservations with Central Florida Airboat Tours follow this email link or call: 407-321-0753

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