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These are testimonials and comments sent to us by our customers.

Dear Captain Bruce,
I just wanted to thank you for a great day,again.The airboat rides have definatly been the highlight of my trip this year and my sons as well.Any occupation can become mundane and for myself it is the people I meet that make me love my job as an RN.Meeting so many unique individuals is a kicker for me and it is clear you enjoy the people you meet .You certainly have a zest for life and certainly are very informative.We all make our life what it is and we must enjoy every minute.Keep on bringing joy to peoples lives and you too will continue to find joy.I have many friends that come to Florida and I will spread the word about the wonderful adventure you offer.I wish you and your family good health and happiness.I look forward to seeing you again next year!!!!
Still Smiling Shawna

Dear Bruce,

Greetings from Down Under! I looked for a page on your website to leave a comment but could not find one, so this will have to do! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful experience when we were in Florida. We will not forget it in a long time! What a job to do that any day you should please! Beats paint spray, does it not? We had a wonderful time in USA and rested up in Fiji on our way home. Coming back to a rather cold Perth winter makes our vacation seem a long way off. Thank you again for such a unique experience,

Blessings on you and your family,
Wendy, Kai Seen and Jared
Perth, Australia

I went to Florida recently for my annual spring vacation and had a new experience this year. My best friend introduced me to Captain Bruce and took me on an airboat ride. I've been going to Florida for 10 plus years now and have never done this before. I don't know why I waited so long. It was awsome!! Captain Bruce really knows his waterways and has such a command of his airboat. I felt at totally safe and at ease with him in charge. He took us through the waterways, through grasses, etc and we saw lots of gators! We also saw some white pelicans, 2 bald eagles and jumping fish. I think I had a smile on my face from the time we hit the water until the time we were back on land. I couldn't believe how peaceful it was out there. Not only did I like the earthy smell in the air, but I loved feeling that close to nature.
What also impressed me was that Captain Bruce will tell you about the waterways, answers questions, and makes sure his passengers know the rules, what to expect, and how to stay safe on his airboat. He is also very environmental conscious and though he slows down so you can take pictures, he makes sure that he doesn't go too close to the gators or wildlife because he doesn't want to disturb them in their home.
Believe me, you get close enough, but not too close. This is also for safety reasons. I did have an eye full of the Florida wetlands, as well as an experience I will never forget. We did lots of fun things while in Florida this year, but this experience had to be the best of all!! I would highly recommend air boating with Captain Bruce to anyone who wants a true, get back to nature experience with a man who will take you safely through the Florida allegator environment, sometimes at high speed and sometimes low speed to give you an all around experience. Thanks Captain Bruce. I'll definately see you next year.
Very sincerely,
Sheree Brown, NH

Captain Bruce,
I've ridden with you twice in the last week or so -- once with a friend and the second time I brought my mother from Arizona. I had the big ol' camera lens, if you remember. anyway, I've gotten some of my pictures back and i thought you might like to see them. if they're of interest to you, let me know and I'll email you a link to the website they're on. also, feel free to use any of them you'd like on your site -- just let me know if you do so I can direct my friends! :)
thanks a lot -- both trips were fantastic and I really appreciate the great tours you gave.
shane manning
washington, dc

Bruce/Airboat Ride: My Canadian visitors and my family thoroughly enjoyed your boat tour on their recent visit with us. It really opened up the heart of Florida's nature trail on the waterways.
The views of the variety of flocking birds were breathtaking in their natural habitat. Not to mention seeing the alligators and all the vegetation and plant life.
Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable ride.
Anne Morden

Dear Bruce, We wish to thank you for the wonderful eye-opener you gave us during the airboat ride beginning of April. My little son still talks about the aligators he saw during the ride and my father is still thrilled about the experience. We all enjoyed it very much and we had a great time during the airboat ride.
Thanks a lot and greetings from chilly Belgium.
Lut Demaecker

Dear Captain Bruce:
Just a quick thank you for the wonderful ride we had last weekend. It's hard to find things to thrill skeptical 12-year olds, but they all had the biggest smiles on their faces from start to finish! And my 9-year old has been studying the wetlands at school, so was thrilled to see all the different birds, as well as the alligators. Even though it was a holiday weekend, with a lot of traffic on the water, you were still able to find us plenty of alligators and other wildlife to see.
It was a wonderful experience for all of us!
Thank you again,
Sarah Vardigans (California)
Chic & Lynn Reid (England)

Dear Bruce,
Just wanted to tell you what a great time my son and I had on your Airboat. The weather,scenery and wildlife we experienced could not have been better. My 12 year old son loved seeing the gators up close and I did not expect to get a history lesson about the Indian Mounds you showed us from a thousand years ago. This was better than any theme park ride in Orlando!!!!!!! Well be back again.
Rich and Alec Goss, Candia NH.

Thank you again for such a wonderful morning ride on your air boat!
We had the time of our lives and enjoyed every minute of the ride. Your commentary, knowledge of the area, and route was spectacular - we plan to share our photos and memories with many. Thanks for making my dad's visit to Florida so special.
See you soon because we are definitely coming again,
Lynn & Clayton Walsh (Orange City, FL)
Don Albertson (Troy, MI)

Hello Captain Bruce,
I was visiting my brother craig last weekend and he treated us to one of your airboat rides.
He has been out with you five times as of date. My wife and I were visiting from Virginia Beach.
I just wanted to say what an exciting and relaxing trip it was.Thank you for the tour of your river. God Bless you and yours.
Best Regards to you and all at the Fish Camp.
Scott DeRidder

Dear Captain Bruce,
Now we are back in chilly England, a quick note to thank you for a wonderful tour last week. It now seems so long ago that we had such a thrilling ride with you. As you know we had been before with skeptical 12 year olds - now they are 18 and 19 but were just as excited by the tour. We saw lots of alligators and other wildlife and everyone enjoyed seeing "real" Florida, not just the theme parks of Orlando. We highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Florida.
Thanks again.
Lynne Reid, Chic Reid, Thomas Reid, Benj Reid and Ryan Ashenhurst


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