Central Florida Airboat Rides and Tours
Rates & Info

     Half Hour Airboat Ride / $20 each.

     There is a 3 passenger minimum or $60 per tour.
     One Hour Tour / $40 per Adult and $35 each for children under 12.
     There is a 3 adult passenger minimum or   $120 minimum charge on the One Hour Tour.
     These rates are cash prices and include all state and local sales tax.

     Reservations are recommended for all tours so we can have a boat ready when you arrive.
     One Hour Tours require reservations.   Longer tours available upon
     request with reservations.

     Accepting Cash,   Travelers Checks,    Mastercard, & Visa.
     Open 6 days a week. Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday.     



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Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Need To Bring on an Airboat Tour?

Bring sunglasses or eye protection of some kind for one hour
or longer tours. Food or drinks may be purchased at Jolly Gator Restauant before or after the tour.
A camera for the memories. A jacket or sweater if needed.

All Coast Guard Equipment and Ear Protection are provided by us.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Take An Airboat Tour?
No passengers under 4 years old. Any child
old enough to sit up in the seat and wear ear protection is old enough.
We have found that all age groups enjoy our tours. We also have ridden disabled and handicapped people of all ages. Because our boats are
capable of operating on dry land, loading and unloading are easy.
Contact our office for more information about reservations
for special needs tours.

Where Do We Go To Meet the Boat?
We do tours out of several locations on the St Johns River, depending
on what our customers want to see and the length of the tours.
Our main location currently is the Jolly Gator Fish Camp on Hwy 46
East of Sanford Florida at the Geneva/Lake Harney Bridge.
Call our office for directions to other locations.

For reservations with Central Florida's Airboat Rides and Tours
follow this email link or call: 407-321-0753

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