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Capt. Bruce Fryer was born and raised in Sanford Florida 32773, less than one mile from Lake Jessup
on the St. Johns River. He has operated boats on the St Johns River For more than 30 years.
He has also operated fishing boats offshore on both the east coast and the west coast of Florida.
He has been licensed by the US Coast Guard to operate charter boats in all the inshore waters
and ocean waters anywhere in the United States. He has held a Coast Guard O.U.P.V.
Six Pack License and also currently holds a U.S. Coast Guard Masters License.


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About Our Boats

Our boats are Not the big barge airboats that hold twenty people at a time.
You might as well ride a pontoon boat if you ride one of these boats.
Our boats are sixteen to eighteen feet long and carry a maximum of six passengers.
They are Chevy powered big blocks with more than 400 horse power and are capable of
operating in the river, swamp, up hills and over dry land. The whole airboat experience is to go where conventional
boats cannnot operate and see places and wildlife you would never see in any other boat,
without damage to the wetlands and marshes.

For reservations with Central Florida's Official
Airboat Tours follow this email link or call: 407-321-0753


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